At the heart of it, I take pride in bringing your story to life.

Above all, I am inspired by the people I get to work with — my clients — their vision for bringing people together, for making meaningful experiences, for creating more joy in the world. Below you'll learn more about design capabilities, my collaborative process and find my design questionnaire to kick off a project with me.


Hand Lettering & Illustration

In this digital age, there's nothing more rewarding than receiving something custom made. Need a fresh and funky script to engage your audience with your brand? About to get married and want an elegant invite?

These are my favorite kind of project and I uniquely handcraft to suit each occasion, brand and individual.

Examples: Posters, Wedding Invitations, Birthday Cards, Logos, Magazines, Cookbooks, Children's Books, Quotes, Posters, Web Graphics.

Branding, Editorial & 
Marketing Design

The right design helps you engage your target audience, create a memorable brand, and reach your business goals.

I combine a strategic, holistic approach to understand your unique business goals, aspirations and values. Then, I incorporate these into each design.

Examples: Posters, Print & Editorial Layouts, Presentation Decks, Social Media Templates, E-Books, Marketing Flyers.


Squarespace Website

Want to create a modern, functional website but don't even know where to start?

With the Squarespace platform, I'll help you create the modern, functional site of your dreams.

And the best part?

It's easy to maintain - No coding needed.

A collaborative process that creates stellar work.


Design Questionnaire & Meeting

I take a holistic, strategic approach to design. In the initial design questionnaire and kick-off meeting, I'll learn more about your long-term business goals, target audience, values, aspirations and desired aesthetics. This informs a thoughtful, strategic design that will grow with you over time.

Design Agreement

I'll send over a design proposal and standard design contract that we've both agreed upon. Once this is done - we are ready to dive deep into the exploration phase.


In the initial phase, I'll take the information from your design questionnaire, visually represent them on a moodboard and send this to you. This step is to ensure we are is alignment with the look and feel that you love.

 Initial Concepts

After the design exploration, I'll start laying out a few initial concepts that suit the look and feel you love.

Feedback & Refinement

In this phase, I'll send over the initial concepts and we will schedule regular 30 minute meetings to gather  feedback and refine the design.

Final Delivery

Once we have a design that you are excited about, I'll hand over the files in the appropriate formats for your needs.

"The whole process was really smooth and delivered within the timescales agreed. Appreciated the guidance for DIY options and bringing what I could only articulate vaguely into life - site looks much better than I even imagined!"

- Inoka Ho, Founder of Sydney Cocktail Club

Design Questionnaire

Thank you so much for getting in touch. Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible - the more information, the more I can help you produce a work that you love. Also, all information provided will absolutely be kept confidential.*

Not a form person? Schedule a 30 minute consultation.